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Tonal Balance Control Plugin

The innovative visual analysis tool comes with Neutron. By allowing you to compare your track’s spectral profile against that of a reference file, Tonal Balance Control leverages IPC technology to work with your current iZotope plug-ins and help you achieve a clear, balanced mix. Use the included collection of Target Curves for genre-appropriate mixing, or import your favorite songs to produce a finished mix you know you’ll love.

Tonal Balance Control features:
  • Integrated access to Neutron and Ozone EQs easily addresses your low end, dynamic range, and translation issues
  • Use Broad or Fine View to observe tonal balance at an overall or granular level for a clear visualization of your mix
  • Remotely access all of Ozone and Neutron's Equalizer controls from Tonal Balance Control to mix multiple tracks within one plug-in
  • Use the Low End Crest Factor Meter to view and adjust the dynamic range of your low-end
  • Import Custom Targets to create your own reference profiles for tonal balance

Pricing Options

Tonal Balance Control comes with Neutron 4.

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