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Nectar 3 Compressor

Keep your dynamic range under control, maintain consistent levels, and shape the character and tone of your vocal with Nectar 3’s two compressor modules. An essential component in any vocal chain, the compressors in Nectar 3 are controlled with an innovative new UI that lets you interact directly with the dynamic contour of your vocal. With the smoother metering experience combined with intuitive controls, you’ll spend less time thinking about settings and more time getting creative.

  • New contextual UI places all the parameters directly on the waveform and gain trace, giving you instant visual feedback while you fluidly dial in your setting.

  • Choose from four unique compressor modes: Digital, Vintage, Optical, or Solid-State. Get the perfect dynamic character for your vocal no matter the style you’re after.

  • Fine tune your mix with level detection modes, parallel processing, and parameter controls perfectly tuned to get you to the right compression setting quickly.

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