Neutron Feature Comparison

Whether you're just starting to dive into mixing or you're a music production or audio post professional, there's a version of Neutron for everyone. Use the chart below to compare each version of Neutron: Neutron Elements, Neutron, and Neutron Advanced.  

  Neutron Elements Neutron Neutron Advanced
Channel strip-like workflow
Individual component plug-ins    
Professionally-designed presets 200+ Presets 500+ Presets 500+ Presets
Intelligent DSP      
Track Assistant
Instrument Detection for Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals/Dialogue
Neutrino Mode: Spectral Shaping technology
EQ Node "Smart Learn" 
Masking Meter  
Static EQ Mode
Dynamic EQ Mode  
Individual EQ plug-in    
Compressor 1 ✔*
Compressor 2  
Clean modern or colorful vintage modes
Sidechain functionality for Dynamic nodes  
Individual Compressor plug-in    
Exciter ✔*
4 blendable saturation types: Tube, Warm, Tape, and Retro
3 global modules to fine-tune saturation color: Full, Defined, and Clear
Individual Exciter plug-in    
Transient Shaping      
Transient Shaper ✔*
3 contour shapes: Sharp, Medium, and Smooth
3 global modes: Precise, Balanced, Loose
Individual Transient Shaper plug-in    
Audio Post Workflow      
BS. 1770-4 True Peak Limiter  
3 Limiting Algorithms: IRC II (Transparency), IRC LL (Low Latency), and Hard  
Surround support up to 7.1    
  *Feature is single-band only.    

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