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Visual Mixer

The new Visual Mixer creates a picture of the entire soundstage, giving you control over individual tracks and enabling you to quickly and intuitively set the contours of your mixes—all without leaving a single window. Control the pan, gain, width, and more inside of Neutron so your mix sounds exactly how you intended.


Visual Mixer features

  • Control volume, pan, and stereo width of any Neutron 2 module or plug-in

  • Node Metering: Easily view the sonic activity of every track in your mix

  • Snapshots: Save and recall versions of your mix so that you can experiment with different variations of your music

  • Auto track labelling: Automatically import your track names into Visual Mixer, within any DAW that supports AAX, AU, or VST

  • Select, show, and hide any Neutron 2 or Mix Tap node in your mix



Visual Mixer is available in these versions of Neutron: