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The Exciter allows you to easily add punch, warmth, brightness, and presence to your track without muddying up the sound. With three powerful Emphasis modes, a unique, multiband blend interface featuring Tape, Tube, and two special iZotope algorithms, you can fine-tune the color of your saturation to suit the needs of your track.


Exciter Features

  • 3 Global Modes to fine-tune saturation color: Full, Defined, Clean

  • 4 blendable saturation types: Tube, Warm, Tape, & Retro

  • Unique, easy to use blend interface

  • Crossover frequency auto-learn (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Analog (zero-latency) or Hybrid (transparent) crossovers (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Individual Exciter plug-in (Advanced Only)


Exciter is available in these versions of Neutron: