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A parallel processing powerhouse, the Compressor offers the ultimate sonic versatility: the very best of classically ‘gluey’ character as well as transparent digital compression styles. Adjust to taste with features like Vintage mode, Auto Release, and flexible Analog (zero latency) and Transparent (hybrid) crossovers for the ultimate in multiband control.


Compressor features

  • Clean modern or colorful vintage compression modes

  • Single or Multiband modes (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Threshold and crossover frequency auto-learn (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Peak, RMS, or transparent True Envelope detection (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Program dependent auto-release

  • Internal or external side-chain per band (Standard and Advanced Only)

  • Analog (zero-latency) or Hybrid (transparent) crossovers (Standard and Advanced Only)


The Compressor is available in these versions of Neutron: