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Ozone’s Exciter allows you to add warmth and character to audio across any frequency band selection. Choose from multiple saturation modes including analog-inspired Tube, Retro, or Tape as well as Triode and Dual Triode modes. With Ozone 8, we’ve added the ability to further customize a saturation profile by allowing you to apply different modes to each frequency band.

Exciter features

  • Choose from the circuit-modeled Triode and Dual Triode modes or the updated Retro, Tape, Warm, or Tube modes.

  • Apply targeted processing with simultaneous multiband and Mid/Side processing options.

  • View excitation by frequency with the Saturation Spectrum display and sculpt the Exciter's frequency output with a post filter.

  • Add harmonics without drastic gain changes with natural-sounding Peak Saturation.

  • New per-band Exciter modes allow you to choose a unique distortion mode for each part of the audio spectrum.




The Exciter is available in these versions of Ozone: