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Professionally designed, goal-oriented presets. Simple, high-impact macro controls. It’s never been easier to achieve a final mix with the sonic impact and energy of songs from your favorite albums.

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  • Adara

    Say Yes

    Adara is a true artist and storyteller. Her work as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, dancer and fashionista is inspired by her vivid imagination and free spirit.

    Ozone 7 Elements preset used: “Punchy and Clear”

  • The Rare Occasions


    The Rare Occasions put their own dark spin on retro with a dizzying cacophony of angular riffs and dripping wet lyrics.

    Ozone 7 Elements preset used: “Brighten Overall Mix”



    Moe Pope and The Arcitype have teamed up to become STL GLD, a powerful and progressive emcee/producer duo from Boston.

    Ozone 7 Elements preset used: “Smooth Hip-hop”

  • Psymbionic


    Cresting the modern wave of electronic producers, Psymbionic creates aural experiences that explore the range of multi-tempo Bass Music within an influential and dynamic culture.

    Ozone 7 Elements preset used: "Greg Calbi Signature Preset: Midrange and Bass Detail"

  • Stina


    Stina's classical training and background is evident in her delivery and vibe, bringing something fresh and exciting to a blend of lyrical ballad and quirky new age folk.

    Ozone 7 Elements preset used: “Simple Glue”

Ozone to the Max

Ozone 7 Elements includes processing from Ozone's most popular module—its legendary Maximizer.

Ozone's Maximizer has been used by top mastering engineers the world over to bring intensity, energy, and loudness to countless top 40 hits with its renowned IRCTM (Intelligent Release Control) technology.

Ozone 7 Elements brings this same processing with simplified controls so you can get your tracks up to a competitive level while retaining punch and detail.

Ozone to the Max

The Ozone 7 Elements Difference

  • Your music, your decisions. Ozone 7 Elements puts you in creative control with best-in-class, professional presets you’re able to tweak to taste.
  • Custom mastering for your songs. Audition presets and mold Ozone 7 Elements’ processing to your track with high-impact macro controls to optimize the sound of your master.
  • The sound of the pros. Ozone 7 Elements utilizes Ozone 7’s renowned processing under the hood—the same algorithms used both by the biggest names in mastering, and by producers in home studios around the world.


$129 USD
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Preset-based mastering plug-in ideal for beginning producers, beatmakers, and songwriters

  • 70+ professionally crafted presets
  • Includes VST, AU, RTAS, and AAX plug-in formats
  • Simple controls make it effortless and quick to shape the radio-ready sound you’re after
  • Polish off your tracks with Ozone’s industry standard processing, made easy
  • Get your songs up to a competitive level with a taste of Ozone’s legendary Maximizer

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