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Vocal Doubler Release Notes

Version 1.2.0 released October 21, 2022

Updates & Improvements:

  • Added native support for Apple silicon Macs (Apple M-series chips).
    • Note: VST2 instances of Vocal Doubler are only available in DAWs or NLEs opened using Rosetta on Apple silicon Macs.
  • Added support for macOS Monterey.
  • Added support for Windows 11.
  • Deprecated support for macOS Mojave (10.14) and earlier.
  • Deprecated support for Windows 8 and earlier.
  • Fixed inconsistent manufacturer name used in effect insert menus by certain plug-in formats. Vocal Doubler will now appear under the manufacturer name "iZotope" for all plug-in formats.

Version 1.1.0a released October 16, 2020

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Windows installer: Fixed cleanup behavior when a customized installation is aborted.

Version 1.1.0 released June 11, 2020

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Fixed crash in Logic Pro X 10.5.0
  • Improved installer support for macOS Catalina
  • Fixed an issue where the uninstaller would not first run when re-installing or upgrading on Windows
  • Update installation path to 64-bit Program Files directory on Windows

Version 1.00n released December 13, 2019

Changes to Operating System Support:

  • Updated installer to support installation on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Version 1.00 released October 9, 2017

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iZotope Logo

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