The sounds of VocalSynth

Gripping vocals can be a challenge of complex routing and lackluster approximations of the sounds you’ve heard and loved. VocalSynth can quickly help you find that unique sound you’ve been looking for—or experiment and uncover a wild vocal treatment you never even knew you wanted!

Listen to what VocalSynth can do for you.



Create classic robotic effects with a built-in synthesizer that can be controlled via MIDI, or track the vocal melody automatically!


Harmonize your vocals based on MIDI input or automatic pitch tracking for lush backgrounds and dramatic choirs.


Re-create the sound of a talkbox and make your instrument speak, with the powerful internal synthesizer, or any sidechained audio input.


Kraft robotic computerized digital vocal effects like you remember from classic electro-pop and text-to-speech toys from the 80s.

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