The sounds of Vinyl

To help you keep track of your own sounds, download the Vinyl Recall Sheet and log your best settings for future reuse.

The Spin Down button

The Spin Down button simulates slowly stopping playback of a record, modulating both playback speed and frequency. When used on the master bus, it can provide a dramatic overall effect as if someone has stopped the record playing. Within the context of a mix, it can add a unique but familiar effect when used on individual instruments or busses.

Lo-fi vocal sound

Vinyl can be loaded onto a vocal track for an interesting lo-fi sound, especially to contrast the richer vocal on a verse or chorus that comes afterwards. In this example, Vinyl is adding grit and dirt to the lead vocal during the bridge of a song.

Old radio sound

You can use Vinyl in film and television for treating audio to sound like it's coming from a vintage on-screen source. In this example, Vinyl is being used to make a song sound as if it is being played from an old radio.

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