BreakTweaker Reviews


From AskAudio Magazine

"If iZotope wasn’t already there, they are now. They have become one of those companies that can make an announcement, and everyone will stop what they are doing to see what it is..Some serious thought went into [BreakTweaker]...I would highly recommend this for beginner, as well as veteran, producers."

—G.W. Childs IV

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From Bass Musique

5/5 Rating

“Can’t really do much more than give this 5 stars. A truly awesome and original plug-in, the first of its kind that pushes the boundaries like nothing else I have seen.”

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From Computer Music

9/10 Rating, Innovation, and Performance Awards

"It’s not everyday we’re presented with a genuinely paradigm-shifting new device in electronic music production.”

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From DJ Tech Tools

“BreakTweaker comes with excellent audio content but what’s important is that you can also import your own WAV and AIFF files and put them through the MicroEdit grinder, as well as the well-rounded complement of synthesis tools.”

—Markkus Rovito

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From Electronic Musician

“BreakTweaker can easily take its place beside Stutter Edit and Iris as another wildly successful entry into iZotope’s roster of creative instruments. Check out the 10-day demo and have someone slide your meals under the door”

—Marty Cutler


From Future Music

9/10 Average Rating, Platinum Award

“A great tool that makes programming and producing beats fun and delivers inspiring results.”

—Bruce Aisher


From Keyboard Magazine

“Unprecedented tools for integrating complex time-based micro-edits into electronic grooves and beats...with powerful sample-based and DSP synthesis engines.”

—John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl


From MusicTech Magazine

10/10, Excellence Award, Innovation Award

“A powerful and forward-thinking instrument that simplifies the process of making huge, cutting-edge beats that sound immense...Expect to hear it on some hit records very soon.”

—Hollin Jones

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From Resident Advisor

4.5/5 Rating

“BreakTweaker is excellent...Whether you intend to use BreakTweaker as a pure drum machine, a hybrid plug-in for beats, bass and synth or a more complex sound generator for sample content, it has plenty to offer.”

—Jono Buchanan

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From SonicScoop

“They absolutely nailed it! … [BT & iZotope] created an incredible musical tool that can be quick when you need it and deep when you’re ready to evolve your sound. ”

—Gabriel Lamorie

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From Sound On Sound

“BreakTweaker effortlessly delivers freaky sample retriggering, gating, and polyrhythmic grooves that could energise even the most mundane tunes.”

—Paul Nagle

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