September 6, 2023 by iZotope Team

Why upgrade to Nectar 4? Here's what's new

Introducing Nectar 4, a powerful vocal mixing and production tool to achieve professional-quality vocals effortlessly. Take a look at all of the new and improved features that bring you an intelligent vocal mixing experience.

iZotope Nectar 4 is the complete vocal mixing suite to help you get professional-quality vocals effortlessly. Complete with thirteen component plug-ins and AI-powered assistive audio technology to help you build and shape your vocals, take a look at all of the new and improved features that bring you a modern and intelligent vocal production experience. 

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Nectar 4 has everything you love about Nectar, including Unmask, De-ess, and Dimension, plus even more groundbreaking features and upgrades that make your vocals sound pro—including new modules like Auto-Level for consistency, Voices for vocal layering, Backer for background singers, and Vocal Assistant for intelligent processing.

Why upgrade to Nectar 4? Check out these new features:

  1. NEW Create complex layers with Voices [Elements, Standard, Advanced]
  2. NEW Generate AI-powered background singers with Backer [Elements, Standard, Advanced]
  3. NEW Instantly manage dynamic vocals with Auto-Level module [Advanced]
  4. NEW Reference any voice with Audiolens [Elements, Standard, Advanced]
  5. NEW Get started with Vocal Assistant [Elements, Standard, Advanced]
  6. Additional enhancements
  7. Which version of Nectar is right for you? Discover the differences.

1. Create complex layers with Voices

Effortlessly generate intricate vocal layers with Voices. This new tool empowers you to craft complex vocal arrangements without needing to learn voice-leading, harmonic progression, or music theory. Simply select a preset that fits your sonic vision and customize it according to your preferences for a professional-sounding vocal stack. 


Generate instant, easy vocal layers with Voices


2. Generate AI-powered background singers with Backer

Use the AI-driven Backer module to craft synthetic background vocalists that harmonize with your primary vocals. Choose from a selection of eight distinct styles, or incorporate your personal acapella recordings for a more tailored sonic experience. You can also control shifting and style with automation to create movement throughout your track. Enhance your demos with a variety of different vocals, experiment with destroying ad-lib tracks, or create a new vocal sound altogether. 

*Only trained with English-speaking voices


Create your own style of vocals with Backer

Backer module

3. Instantly manage dynamic vocals with Auto-Level module 

Say hello to your new recording engineer that can effortlessly manage vocal levels. ALM (Auto Level module) is an intelligent and transparent alternative to compressors that is placed at the start of your signal chain.

ALM's Tame Noise feature distinguishes between sung and unsung vocal content, ensuring only tonal elements are leveled. This gets rid of the need for manual volume automation, saving you time and effort. ALM provides consistent volume levels without introducing unwanted artifacts like traditional compressors, giving you a clean and natural sound. 


Effortlessly manage vocal levels with Auto-Level 

Auto Level module

4. Magically match vocal references with Audiolens

Reference match in real time with Audiolens, the desktop app that comes with Nectar 4 to instantly match any audio from any source and kickstart your vocal processing. The vocal separation technology in Audiolens allows you to match the tone of any vocal and gives you a tonal target for your mix. Use Audiolens to build your own vocal production library to access in any session. 

5. Vocal mixing made easy with Vocal Assistant

Nectar’s Vocal Assistant gives you control of your sound with a brand new interface for making simple and helpful decisions about your vocal production without getting lost in the details. 

Choose from various targets in your library to achieve your desired sound, make intuitive decisions about EQ, intensity, and width to shape your sound, and blend your vocals with effects like reverb and delay. Vocal Assistant is here to help you with improved speed and flexibility.


Get control of your vocal sound with a brand new interface

Vocal Assistant

Additional Enhancements

13 component plugins (Advanced)

Integrate 13 powerful vocal plugins into your vocal chain templates, including Pitch, Backer, and Voices FX to create powerful layers and shifted effects in your vocal chain. Enhance your vocal production with Reverb, Delay, Saturation, and Dimension FX, adding character, depth, and movement. Take control of your dynamics with the De-esser, Compressor, Gate, Auto-Level Mode, and Breath Control plugins, whether it's sung vocals or spoken material.


Powerful plugins can help you mix vocals easily

Melodyne 5 essential

Nectar 4 offers an additional advantage with its built-in pitch correction module by partnering with Celemony to include Melodyne 5 essential. Melodyne is a GRAMMY award-winning pitch and time correction tool, known for its precise and intuitive capabilities that are widely used in professional studios worldwide.

iZotope Relay

Nectar 4 includes Relay, a central hub for intelligent connection between your entire mix and iZotope plugin collection.

Which version of Nectar is right for you? 

Nectar 4 comes in three different versions: Elements, Standard, and Advanced. When choosing the right version for your productions, consider the complexity of the vocals you'll be mixing and the level of control you need. 

Nectar 4 Elements is the most basic version of the software and offers essential tools for vocal production, including features such as Vocal Assistant, Voices, Backer, key detection, and wet/dry options. Nectar Elements is a great choice for those who are looking for easy, intuitive ways to get a professional vocal with just a few clicks at a budget-friendly price. 

Nectar 4 Standard includes even more features to finesse your vocals, including Vocal Unmask, Follow EQ mode, Gate and Reverb modules, and more. Nectar 4 Standard is a great option for those who want a bit more control over their vocal production and mixing techniques. 

Nectar 4 Advanced is the ultimate vocal production and mixing tool. Sidechain your vocals, separate your modules into component plugins, dial-in your processing with strength and range controls as well as the mix slider, and effortlessly manage vocal levels with the new Auto-Level Mode (ALM). Nectar 4 Advanced is here for mix engineers and producers who require the highest level of control and precision with their vocal mixing.  

Start mixing with Nectar 4

Now that you know all of the powerful Nectar features that can make your vocal production process easier and faster, it’s time to get started on using Nectar in your next session. 

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