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September 13, 2018

Why Upgrade to Insight 2?

If you own the first version of iZotope Insight and are wondering why you should upgrade to Insight 2, this guide is for you. Learn about the new Intelligibility Meter for mixing dialogue, the updated look and feel for a faster workflow, and more.

Insight is the world’s foremost metering and audio analysis plug-in that is integral to award-winning post production houses, music studios, and broadcast facilities. And now, with new features like the Intelligibility Meter and multichannel surround support (7.1.2), as well as design improvements and updated loudness standard targets, it’s even more powerful.

If you own the first version of Insight and are wondering why you should upgrade to Insight 2, this guide is for you. So whether you’re mixing or mastering audio for music or post production, read the top reasons to upgrade, and get a breakdown of what’s new in this video:

The new Intelligibility Meter lets you set perfect dialogue levels

As a mixing engineer, you want a way to be sure that the dialogue levels in the final video are intelligible in a non-studio or dub stage environment—in the various places people will watch your program! That’s why we created the new Intelligibility Meter in Insight 2.

The Intelligibility Meter, powered by iZotope digital signal processing, lets you proactively recognize and resolve dialogue intelligibility issues, giving you a clearer picture of how an audience will experience the dialogue in different listening environments. Now you can choose  a target listening environment of low, medium, or high noise, to check how the intelligibility of your dialogue holds up for listeners in these conditions.

No more riding the remote at home with inconsistent levels—just clean, clear dialogue.

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An updated design creates an easier workflow

We redesigned Insight 2 with precious computer monitor real estate in mind. You want to use just the meters that are useful to your project, and that’s exactly what we’re giving you.


Easily resize individual meters in the main window by clicking and dragging between two meter frames. Additionally, the main window can now be resized to be as small as the smallest meter—perfect for throwing your loudness meters up in the corner of your third monitor!

Customizable layout

Insight 2 is customizable and flexible for your perfect setup. You can display and resize any meter you want or select one of the many Layouts designed for specific post and music production settings.

Easily show or hide meters with the meter selection buttons at the top of the screen. Insight 2 includes meters for:

  • Loudness
  • Levels
  • Sound Field
  • History
  • Intelligibility
  • Spectrum
  • Spectrogram
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Inter-plugin communication via Relay

You might recognize interplug-in communication technology from Ozone 8 and Neutron 2’s Tonal Balance Control, and now, we've added our latest IPC technology to Insight 2. With Relay, our lightweight, next generation meter tap plug-in, you’re able to perform detailed analysis by routing audio from any tracks or buses to Insight 2. It’s compatible with Insight 2 Intelligibility and Spectrogram meters, Tonal Balance Control, and Neutron 2 Masking Meter and the Visual Mixer.

Enjoy the flexibility of using any plug-in while still getting all the benefits of our innovative new tools across your entire mix.

Relay features:

  • Delay Offset: align multi-mic'd sources and correct phase issues in your traks
  • Phase Invert: quick compare and contrast the phase of tracks in your mix
  • Sum to Mono: audition your stereo audio data to see how it translate to mono listening formats
  • Swap Channels: Switch left and right channels of any stereo track to audition the stereo image and check for balance issues
  • High Pass Filter: Clean up and control the sub frequency content in your tracks with a simple High Pass Filter in Relay

Up-to-date loudness standards

No matter what delivery format you’re working with, Insight 2 has updated loudness standards, targets, and presets to help you meet the specs and demands of any project (for USA, Europe, and Japan).

Set your loudness targets for EBU R128, BS.1770-1, BS.1770-2/3/4, ATSC A/85, OP-59, and more.

Want more details? Head to the Insight 2 product page for more information including pricing and a complete features breakdown.