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September 13, 2018

What's New in RX 7

Learn about the groundbreaking new ways to quickly and easily fix and manipulate audio in RX 7, including source separation in Music Rebalance, Repair Assistant, and more.

RX 7 features groundbreaking new ways to quickly and easily fix and manipulate audio. Learn about some of these features and discover why RX continues to be the industry standard in audio repair for music and post production.

Repair Assistant

The game-changing Repair Assistant is an intelligent helper that can detect noise, clipping, clicks, hum and more—meaning you can now solve common audio issues faster than ever, like clipped guitar or nasty hums. Use Repair Assistant in one of its three modes to identify and remove problem areas. Choose from four suggestions, giving you the options you need, no matter the project. 

Music Rebalance

Also new in RX 7 is Music Rebalance, a powerful source separation tool that allows you to enhance or isolate elements of an audio track. Drums too loud? Vocals not loud enough? Are other instruments too present or is percussion not punchy enough? Easily re-animate a mix using its four sliders. You can also create instrumental versions of songs by removing the vocal elements, or isolate the vocal to prepare a remix.

Variable time and Pitch

You can now alter pitch without affecting the timing of your audio and conversely, alter the time without affecting pitch with the new Variable Time and Variable Pitch modules.

Dialogue Contour

With the new Dialogue Contour module, easily improve the performance of a line or even create a new performance by altering the pitch contour of the dialogue to adjust the intonation of the speaker. Select a region of audio you wish to alter, and then click and drag to adjust the contour curve.

Dialogue De-Reverb

The brand new Dialogue De-Reverb module is powered by machine learning to reduce the presence of reverberations around dialogue.


RX 7 Now supports multichannel which means you can quickly and easily edit one, multiple, or all channels of audio (up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2) using any of your favorite repair modules. 

Available As Audiosuite Plug-ins

With RX 7, we have introduced faster and easier workflows with new Audiosuite Plug-in versions of beloved modules like Dialogue Isolate, De-rustle, Breath Control and the new Music Rebalance.

Refreshed UI

And lastly, fans of RX will notice the new look of version 7....module icons are brighter, more refined and look consistent with the rest of the iZotope plugin family, making it easier to find the tools you need, faster than ever.

As you can see, it’s no surprise that RX is the Emmy award-winning repair suite trusted by top music and post production engineers, and with RX7 you get access to a whole new set of groundbreaking tools to effortlessly tackle any audio problem. Learn more today.