January 30, 2019 by iZotope

Vocal Production and the Evolution of a Pop Song ft. Prince Charles Alexander

Many contributors make their mark in the creation of a song. Watch Prince Charles Alexander, Jonathan Wyner, and some artists uncover the producer/artist relationship.

Taking a track from a demo to a finished song is no small undertaking. In music production, and especially vocal production, songs can change hands many times, with multiple producers, songwriters, engineers, and performers all making their mark.

To help understand what happens at the different stages of producing a pop song, we brought in an expert—GRAMMY-winning record producer, audio engineer, and educator Prince Charles Alexander (P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Notorious B.I.G.).

Vocal production: the beginning

In Part 1 of this vocal production video series, Charles Alexander sits down with iZotope Director of Education Jonathan Wyner, and the two invite the artists (Spencer William, Songwriter; Alexander Waldin, Producer; Nicole Timm, Vocalist and Songwriter) into the studio. Together, they introduce the song, “Honey,” listening to the demo version and subsequent take, taking note of what’s different, and how the song began to take shape.

Vocal production: intention

In Part 2, Prince Charles discusses what makes a good pop song, and how intention can make or break the most important part: the vocal.

Vocal production: recording

In Part 3, Prince Charles coaches Nicole Timm (vocalist and songwriter) as she records vocal takes in the studio. Learn essential vocal recording tips and techniques.

Vocal production: ad-libs & harmonies

In Part 4, Prince Charles coaches Nicole Timm (vocalist and songwriter) as she works through vocal harmonies and ad-libs while reording in the studio.