March 12, 2024 by iZotope Team

Trash is back: your favorite distortion plugin is better than ever

The new iZotope Trash is out now with over 660 distortion types and impulse responses, plus several new features that give you unparalleled control over your processing.

Distorting, mangling, and transforming your sound has never been easier. Trash is back and reimagined with over 660 distortion types and impulse responses, and a brand-new interface that keeps everything on one screen. And with features like Randomize, Multiband, and Convolve, there’s plenty of ways to embrace imperfection with the legendary distortion plugin. 

Learn more about the reimagined Trash below and get your copy of Trash or Trash Lite.

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Plus, for the first time ever, iZotope Trash is now available for iPad

Distort your sound with the revamped Trash module

Warp your sound in new directions and experiment with destruction with over 60 distortion types, like Rusty Bits, Cactus, Noise Art, and Distropia. Trash’s namesake module lets you blend together up to four different distortion settings with its intuitive XY pad. 

The module also features dynamics and movement with Drive control, which controls the intensity of the distortion, and carves out frequencies for a dramatic effect with the Tilt control.


Trash and Convolve modules in the reimagined Trash distortion plugin

Create over 600 sound possibilities with Convolve module

Morph your track into other objects and spaces with over 600 creative impulse responses in the Convolve module, including speakers, clock radios, reverse reverbs, piano cabinets, and plexiglass tubes. Blend up to four impulse responses together with the XY pad and explore new dimensions of sound. The Impulse Response Loader also lets you upload any audio file to bring its sonic characteristics into your track, whether it’s your cat’s meow or the latest viral clip.

Blend it up: Apply Trash and Convolve to your full mix, or blend both modules in and out across three frequency bands. 

Destroy your sound with Multiband precision

New Multiband capabilities help you shape specific parts of your audio. Split your sound into low, mid, and high frequency bands and add a little distortion to just one part of the spectrum, or go wild and mess everything up. Add growl to the mid-range of a bass guitar, pulverize the low end of a boring drum break, give your vocal highs some bite, or whatever you want.


Shape specific parts of your sound with Multiband 

Bring movement to your processing with Envelope Follower

Spice up loops with Trash's dynamic distortion capabilities, allowing you to create sounds that blend through one another. Discover sounds you never thought were possible with this intuitive Envelope Follower.

Get inspired with new sounds in Randomize

Roll the dice to give you new ideas. Take your audio in new directions by randomly changing the settings of both Trash and Convolve XY pads, or pick a specific corner from the multitude of Trash and Convolve sounds.

And add even more chaos and color to your sound with this self-oscillating low pass filter. It screams – if you want it to. 

Mangle your sounds on iPad 

Trash is the first ever iZotope tool to be released for iPad. Compatible with Logic Pro for iPad using the AUv3 format, Trash is your perfect portable companion. Sold separately on the App Store.


iZotope Trash is now available with Logic Pro on iPad

Start destructing with FREE Trash Lite mode

Want to try out Trash before unlocking all of these powerful features? Trash Lite mode is now available for free, including the Trash module, Randomize, and the Autogain/Limiter. 


Trash Lite

Transform, mangle, and destroy your sound with Trash

Now that you’ve learned how to use Trash, it's time to start using it in your sessions to distort your sound. If you’d like to learn more about Trash, check out our guides on how to learn Trash in 10 minutes and how to use convolution reverb.

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