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April 17, 2024 by iZotope Team

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RX 11 is out now! Explore the new tools that can clean up your tracks faster than ever.

iZotope RX is the industry trailblazer for intelligent audio repair and enhancement. Infused with new, state-of-the-art machine learning technology, the now-released  product-popover-icons-rx.png RX 11 adds new tools and improves beloved modules to help you tackle everything from common audio problems to the trickiest of sonic rescues, for both music and audio post production.

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RX 11 Elements

The next generation of Repair Assistant – Clean up tracks faster than ever with deeper levels of control. With new machine learning tech that tackles both dialogue and sung vocals with ease, and more exposed parameters so you can make your final tweaks, this assistant goes from trusty helper to lifesaver.

RX 11 Standard

Includes the overhauled Repair Assistant, and

Two new tools for releasing tracks with confidence – Here’s where industry-first tech makes a real splash. You’ve put time and effort into polishing your sound, now you'll know how your music will sound on streaming platforms before it leaves your studio. These game-changing tools will help you ensure that your tracks sound great, so your release day will have no surprises. 

RX 11 Advanced

Includes the overhauled Repair Assistant, new tools for releasing tracks with confidence, and

Real-time dialogue isolation – For RX 11, we’ve introduced a cutting-edge neural network that provides a more natural separation of noise and reverb from voice recordings. Plus, a new high-quality processing mode unlocks new possibilities for recovering dialogue in vocals captured in less than ideal conditions.

RX 11 is out now

Check out all of the newest features in RX 11 in our upgrade guide and explore which version of RX is best for your audio needs. 

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