September 13, 2018

Remove Reverb with Dialogue De-reverb in RX 7

Reduce or remove unwanted reverb from dialogue clips with the Dialogue De-reverb module, updated for RX 7 with dialogue-specific DSP and machine learning algorithms.

In this video learn how to reduce or remove unwanted reverb from dialogue clips with the updated Dialogue De-reverb module in RX 7.

First, choose the amount of sensitivity and ambience preservation needed for your source, and hit render. Unlike the all-purpose de-reverb module, dialogue de-reverb does not require learning a reverb profile from the input audio before processing. Instead, it leverages a machine learning algorithm trained to identify and separate reverberant components from dialogue components in an input signal. Having dialogue specific DSP allows for a greater degree of accurate reverb removal.

Use Dialogue De-reverb tool next time you want to rescue production audio to avoid ADR and save money. Get it in RX 7.