Master the Modules: Vocoder in VocalSynth 2


As with a lot of today’s musical technologies, the vocoder (short for voice encoder) began life as a completely non-musical, utilitarian piece of electronic equipment. Throughout the decades, it’s been used by some of the most innovative artists in the music industry, including Laurie Anderson, Stevie Wonder, and Kraftwerk.

Re-invent your vocals with VocalSynth 2’s Vocoder module:

In this video learn how to:

  • Switch between Smooth, Vintage, and Hard to find your Talkbox sound

  • Use the Shift nob to dial in a brooding or bright tone

  • Use the Scale nob to shift between a softer tone and sharper tone

  • Adjust the volume and panning of the Vocoder frequency bands

  • Tweak the Vocoder’s sound engine or select a preset

  • Adjust the filter and panning output of Vocoder

  • Blend Vocoder with other modules right from the animation


Pro Tip: Use Vocoder in MIDI Mode on drums. Here’s how:

1. Insert VocalSynth 2 on a MIDI track

2. Choose MIDI Mode

3. Set the sidechain input to a percussion track

4. Write some MIDI notes

5. Enable the Vocoder on the MIDI track

6. Blend the Vocoder to taste straight from the animation

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