Master the Modules: Talkbox in VocalSynth 2


The Talkbox module emulates the effect of a hardware talkbox effect popularized by rock artists such as Peter Frampton, The Who, and Stevie Wonder. A talkbox imparts vocal characteristics on an input source (a guitar, for example) by driving the output of an instrument through a tube that terminates in or around a performer’s mouth. The signal is then filtered and modulated by the mouth, tongue, and lip movements of the performer. The resulting effect sounds as though the guitar is “speaking” or “talking.”

With it’s tube-free design and unique formant shifting feature, the Talkbox module in VocalSynth 2 is an excellent alternative to the traditional Talkbox pedal.

In this video learn how to:

  • Increase distortion and intelligibility with the Drive nob

  • Add compression with the Speaker nob

  • Transform your tone with the Format nob

  • Toggle Talkbox modes Dark, Classic, and Bright.

  • Get deeper control in the Advanced panel

    • Adjust the filter output of Talkbox or the pan position


Pro tip: Use Talkbox in sidechain mode with a monophonic carrier source. Here’s how:

1. Add VocalSynth 2 to the audio source you want to affect

2. Select Sidechain Mode

3. Set the sidechain input to a monophonic instrument, like organ

4. Use the Bright Mode for maximum articulation

5. Blend to taste from the animation

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