Master the Modules: Compuvox in VocalSynth 2


Compuvox is based on a technology known as Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) which has existed since the late 1960s. As with a number of the audio processors in VocalSynth, LPC was originally a communications technology for encoding intelligible speech at low bit rates to save bandwidth. Nowadays this computerized vocal sound is often used as a special effect common in electronic music production. The outcome sounds similar to infamous toys like the Furby, Speak n Spell (which uses LPC), and even older text-to-speech technologies.

Crunch your vocals with VocalSynth 2’s Compuvox:

In this video learn how to:

  • Switch between Read, Spell, and Math to find your Compuvox sound

  • Break down a vocal with Bits nob

  • Mangle vowel sounds with Bytes

  • Increase vocal gravel with the Bats nob

  • Dig deeper with the Advanced panel

  • Explore synth presets or tweak the sound engine

  • Adjust the filter output of Compuvox or the pan position


Pro Tip: Add growl to vocals with Compuvox. Here’s how:

1. Add VocalSynth 2 to an audio track

2. Turn the Bats nob to the max

3. Automate the Global wet/dry blend in VocalSynth 2

4. Blend the effect to taste from the animation

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