Using Dialogue De-noise to clean up a dialogue track

Unwanted background noise is something that almost all of us have had to deal with. If you’ve ever recording the perfect vocal take in your apartment and then realized that the refrigerator was running the entire time, you’ll know the frustration that can cause.

That’s why we created the Dialogue De-noise plug-in, available in both RX Plug-in Pack and RX Audio Editor. This is a tool that is trained to know specifically what the human voice sounds like and it’s going to remove everything else that’s not the voice. This is perfect for cleaning up noisy dialogue in podcasts and it’s really good for cleaning up noisy sung vocals.

Before and After Examples

Here is another before-and-after example of Dialogue De-noise being used on dialogue:

Dialogue De-noise can also be useful on instrument tracks. Here, the plug-in is used to clean up a noisy guitar track:

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