Introducing 7.1.2 Multichannel Support in RX 7


New to RX 7 is the ability to address audio issues that appear in any or every surround channel—all the way up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2. From the audio editor you can preview channels by selecting the one you want to hear, or you can view the sum of all channels. Now you can process multiple files simultaneously. This view is ideal for repairing problems that appear across all channels.

The example we're using is crickets in a surround sound mix. With a little spectral repair across all channels, we can remove them easily.

Our next example comes from an orchestral mix. Bows smack the cello strings and the impact reverberates across the room, leaking in to the rest of the surround mix. Using a combination of Spectral Repair and Interpolate completely removes the percussive attack of the bows transparently.

Multichannel editing in RX 7—surround yourself with the best.

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