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Make Vocals Stand Out in a Mix with Nectar 3 Creative Effects

by iZotope Team November 1, 2018

Let your vocals cut through the mix:

Nectar 3 Plus

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Get creative with Nectar 3

Nectar 3 has everything you need to polish and correct your vocals, but there’s plenty of opportunities to make your vocals stand out with a number of creative effects. Check out the video below to learn more about these creative effects, or keep scrolling for some real-world examples.

The Pitch module

The Pitch module adds tuning effects for your vocal. You can choose the key, or create a custom key. You can also detune the vocal, or pitch it up.

The Harmony module

The Harmony module allows you create additional voices from the key you selected from the Pitch module. You can change the key you want in the pitch module, or add some more harmonies by clicking and adding voices to the grid. On the grid, you can change the pan and the loudness of the voices you added.  

You can also input MIDI notes to transform the harmonies if you prefer to create your own chords that way. Just head to the MIDI icon and click. Nectar 3 will automatically recognize your DAW and give you instructions tailored to your host on how to set this up.

Dimension module

For more effects, head to the Dimension module, which contains Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser. You’ll also find more time-based effects like Delay and Reverb here. Both Reverb and Delay feature a post EQ, to protect portions of the signal from getting too drowned out in the effect.

When pushed to the max, these the creative modules have a very dramatic sound, but if used carefully together in the signal chain you can come up with some great vocal tones.

The complete suite

Don't forget, Nectar is part of Music Production Suitea suite that give you access to over thirty industry-standard plug-ins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools.

Learn more about Nectar 3:

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