June 4, 2020 by Will Hunt

Inside iZotope: Our Favorite Reference Tracks

Listen to iZotope employees break down their favorite reference tracks for mixing and mastering using iZotope Insight 2 and Tonal Balance Control 2.

Before the pandemic, we brought a few iZotope employees together to talk about the tracks they use as references for mixing and mastering.

Watch iZotope employees share their favorite reference tracks, and discover how the pros use references to think about their own productions. In the video we'll examine the songs with iZotope's industry-leading reference and metering plug-ins  product-popover-icons-tonal-balance-control.png Tonal Balance Control  and  product-popover-icons-insight.png Insight 2 —both of which are available to try for free in  product-popover-icons-music-production-suite.png Music Production Suite Pro .

Want to use these references with your own projects? You can download all the songs in the video as target curves to use in Tonal Balance Control.