January 17, 2024 by iZotope Team

Introducing VEA: your AI-powered voice recording enhancer

Introducing VEA, the audio enhancer that takes any voice recording and makes it more powerful, more polished, and more professional.

Getting clear, consistent voice recordings has never been easier. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the new VEA AI audio enhancer is an easy-to-use plugin that takes your imperfect voice recordings and transforms them into great-sounding recordings. Plus, it’s built with industry-leading technology including background noise removal and repair from iZotope RX, vocal mixing from iZotope Neutron, and professional mastering polish from iZotope Ozone.

Take a look at all of the new features in VEA that streamline your production workflow and simplify your voice editing process. 

Get your copy of VEA to get high-quality voice recordings faster. 


Get high quality results fast with AI-powered technology

You don’t have to be an audio professional to get great results with VEA. VEA’s intuitive AI listens to your audio, creating suggested edits that instantly help your voice sound its best. 


VEA listens to your audio, creating suggested edits that instantly help you sound your best

Voice recording with VEA

Tweak your results with a simple, powerful interface 

VEA includes easy-to-use settings to help you get the most out of your voice recordings. 



VEA’s Shape control is tailored to your voice, instantly making you sound more polished and professional. No more playing with equalizers or surfing presets to improve your voice mixing. Whether you're narrating a video or hosting an interview on your own podcast, VEA ensures your voice sounds professional in seconds.


Easily add presence and power to your voice with Boost. Don’t worry about understanding compression and limiting, just focus on sounding your best. With Boost, you’ll be getting an even sound for your vlogs and tutorials to create a smoother and more engaging experience for your audience.


VEA features essential noise reduction software that trims noise while leaving your voice sounding great. The Clean control helps de-noise your audio, taking background noise out of the spotlight so your voice can shine. Recording a vlog under the air conditioning unit? Taking a virtual interview with signal interference? It’s no problem with VEA.

Built-in presets to dial-in your sound

VEA comes with presets for sung vocals, podcasts, and more to help you dial-in the sound of your voice. 


Presets in VEA

Reference any audio with Audiolens

Match the sound of your favorite creator or podcast with intuitive Audiolens referencing as part of the Shape control. Just add your target audio from any source, and Audiolens will help you visualize, compare, and replicate.


Easily use saved references from the Audiolens app

Start making great-sounding podcasts and content with VEA

Now that you’ve seen what VEA has to offer, it’s time to get your copy and start using it in your content creation. Learn more about VEA with our getting started guide as well as a guide on how to make a podcast in 2024.