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How to Get The NEW Ozone Imager for Free!

by Will Hunt, Product Marketing Manager December 12, 2019

Explore the wide world of stereo imaging

Ozone Imager

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We’re happy to announce a new update to Ozone Imager, our free plug-in that uses technology from Ozone 9 to give you a quick and easy way to control the stereo width of a track. In the new version, we’ve added a completely different Stereoize mode that’s smoother, more transparent, and easier on the low end, along with faster fluid metering, resizability, and a sleek, modernized UI.  

You’re probably wondering, “how do I get this thing for free??” Read on…

How to get the new Ozone Imager for free

The new version of Ozone Imager is free for everyone! But, even if you already have the first version of Ozone Imager, you’ll still need to go to your account for your new license.

Important note: The new Ozone Imager will install separately from the old version, so you won’t experience any changes to your existing sessions. The new version will show up in your plug-in list as “Ozone Imager 2.” 

Steps for installation and authorization:

1. Click the button below to go to the download page. You will be asked to enter your iZotope account email.

2. Once you enter your account email and password, you’ll be taken to the download page. If you don’t have an account, simply create one and follow the steps below. You’ll be given a serial number right then and there, so make sure to copy it to your clipboard. It’ll look like this, you can’t miss it:

Your serial number in your account section

You’ll also get a follow-up email containing your Ozone Imager serial number, so don’t worry if you miss it on this screen.

3. To install and authorize Ozone Imager, please follow these three simple steps:

  • Choose which version of the product installer to download, PC or Mac.
  • After you download, run the product installer.
  • After you run the installer, load Ozone Imager in your host software. You will be prompted to authorize with your serial number.

What’s new in V2?

Stereoize II

In Ozone Imager, The Width control is used to increase or decrease the volume in your side channels, which gives the effect of widening or narrowing the stereo image. But what if there is no sound in the side channels? This is often the case if you recorded a track in mono. Width will have no effect in this instance, which is when Stereoize becomes useful—it creates artificial stereo so you can embiggen the sides to your heart’s content!

In the new version of Ozone Imager, there are two selectable modes for Stereoize, labeled “I” and “II” in the plug-in. Stereoize I is the original algorithm from the first version of Ozone Imager. It uses time-based processing to separate the left and right channels, which your ear naturally interprets as “stereo”. This effect is cool and often very handy, but it’s also colorful and doesn’t lend itself to all sounds.

Stereoize II uses a more transparent type of processing to create the stereo effect and is useful when you want to widen the image of a narrow percussive sound like a snare drum or surgically position a backing vocal in the mix without making it sound over-processed. You may also find it works better for low-end sources like bass, because Stereoize II gives a much more defined and articulate low-end response.

Both modes are useful, so experiment to see which one suits your sound best.

Improved UI and Metering

Here at iZotope, we put a lot of thought into metering. We’ve introduced new and better ways of visualizing different aspects of your sound and improved the responsiveness of the meters for a more beautiful, detailed experience. We’ve added this new fluid metering style to Ozone Imager, giving you a cleaner way to visualize the stereo image and know if you’re overprocessing. We’ve also made the plug-in fully resizable. 

Ozone Imager’s three selectable meters—Polar SamplePolar Level, and Lissajous—help you see when your image is too wide, too narrow, or too intense. There’s also a correlation meter that tells you when the audio is in or out of phase, which is very handy when checking to see if you’ve done too much to the signal. You’ll also notice Ozone Imager has an all-around facelift, with a modern new look and feel inspired by the design of Ozone 9.

The wide world of stereo

Working in stereo and mid/side is a deep and complex topic, but knowing how it works unlocks a ton of options in mixing. It’s what separates the beginners from the not-so-beginners, and we have a wealth of information on our blog around the subject. Here are a few articles for those hungry for more knowledge:

Explore Ozone 9

Ozone Imager is quick to set up and light on CPU, so it’s ideal for use on individual tracks in your mix. But it’s just a taste of what our mastering suite, Ozone 9, has to offer. In the Standard and Advanced versions of Ozone 9, you can adjust your stereo image in multiple frequency bands (multiband), letting you widen the lows, mids, and highs separately. This makes it a surgical tool ideal for working with complex sounds, like a full mix. 

Ozone 9 doesn’t just include a beefed-up Imager, it also includes a suite of 15 powerful mastering tools. You can control dynamics, shape tone with dynamic EQ, add distortion and tape saturation, check your tracks against a reference, and more. It also features Master Assistant, which analyzes your track and creates a unique custom preset tailored to your audio. 

If you’re liking Ozone Imager, why not snag a demo of Ozone 9 and try it out on your next project?

Learn more about stereo imaging:

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