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This is Headroom, an audio technology podcast hosted by GRAMMY-nominated mastering engineer and educator Jonathan Wyner. Tune in each week for conversations with experts across the audio and music worlds on the impact of audio tech, and exciting new developments.

About Jonathan Wyner

Jonathan Wyner is a GRAMMY-nominated mastering engineer and educator, with credits on over 5,000 records for the likes of David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Miles Davis and Pink Floyd. Jonathan now works at iZotope as Director of Education to help develop technology at the intersection of AI and music production. 

Episode Ten: Machine Learning and Creativity in Audio with iZotope CEO Mark Ethier

In the season finale of Headroom, Jonathan sits down with iZotope CEO Mark Ethier to chat about machine learning and iZotope. Why is iZotope so focused on machine learning? Why does Mark want the machines to learn? Is his ultimate goal robot dominion over the world? Find out in this week’s episode, as we close out our machine-learning focused season of Headroom.

Episode Nine: Bias in Audio Data with iZotope Developer Andy Sarroff

Last episode we learned about the legal implications of IP law and bias in big data. This week we're continuing this discussion with iZotope Research Engineer Andy Sarroff. Listen as he shares his thoughts on bias in audio data and its machine learning outputs.

Episode Eight: AI and the Influence of Bias in Data with Emily Tait

Just like people, data can be biased. In this episode of Headroom, Jonathan is joined by intellectual property and big-data lawyer Emily Tait. Listen as she breaks down the biggest challenges working with data, some of the potential consequences of bias in data sets, and how those reflect onto issues of equity and race.

Episode Seven: A Peek into the Future

Bryan Pardo leads fascinating research, investigating new possibilities that AI could unlock for creatives. This week on Headroom, learn how his research may reveal new ways for AI to shape the way music sounds and how we interact with audio tools, and hear how AI facilitates creativity for the general population.

Episode Six: Blockchain in Your Audio

In the age of cryptocurrency, blockchain tech is getting more and more attention. This week on Headroom, George Howard and Nicole d’Avis of Berklee College of Music’s Open Music Initiative offer insights on how blockchain affects music distribution, artist revenue, intellectual property, and more.

Episode Five: AI in Audio, a Primer

AI is everywhere—your phone, your home, and your plug-ins! This week on Headroom, listen as iZotope research engineer Shahan breaks down some of the basics of AI in software dev, along with insights into the challenges of working with AI, and a few new developments.

Episode Four: Technology, Accessibility, and Equity with Terri Winston and Leah King of Women's Audio Mission

In this week's episode of Headroom, Jonathan Wyner speaks with Women's Audio Mission (WAM) founder Terri Winston, and WAM director of education Leah King. Listen as they unpack issues around gender equity in the world of music production, technology's role in perpetuating the status quo, and its potential to facilitate change.

Episode Three: AI and iZotope

Can computers help you become more creative? Is it possible for AI to learn genre? This week on Headroom, Jonathan Wyner discusses these questions and more with iZotope CTO Jonathan Bailey who offers up insights into the cutting-edge technologies at play in iZotope audio software, what they mean for the future of musical creativity, and what might be coming next.

Episode Two: Secret Weapons with Tony Visconti

Fancy yourself the sort of producer able to work with the most chameleonic pop star of all time? Listen to David Bowie’s long-time producer, GRAMMY-winning Tony Visconti talk the tech, tools, and production process behind Bowie’s “Low” and “Heroes” in this week’s episode of Headroom.

Headroom with Jonathan Wyner Episode One

Episode One: Machine Music with David Mash

David Mash is a musician, educator, and innovator who has been marrying human performance with machines for decades. Listen as Jonathan Wyner and David talk about the rise of MIDI and other significant developments in music technology.

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