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This is Headroom, an audio technology podcast hosted by GRAMMY-nominated mastering engineer and educator Jonathan Wyner. Tune in each week for conversations with experts across the audio and music worlds on the impact of audio tech, and exciting new developments.

About Jonathan Wyner

Jonathan Wyner is a GRAMMY-nominated mastering engineer and educator, with credits on over 5,000 records for the likes of David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Miles Davis and Pink Floyd. Jonathan now works at iZotope as Director of Education to help develop technology at the intersection of AI and music production. 

Episode Two: Secret Weapons with Tony Visconti

Fancy yourself the sort of producer able to work with the most chameleonic pop star of all time? Listen to David Bowie’s long-time producer, GRAMMY-winning Tony Visconti talk the tech, tools, and production process behind Bowie’s “Low” and “Heroes” in this week’s episode of Headroom.

Headroom with Jonathan Wyner Episode One

Episode One: Machine Music with David Mash

David Mash is a musician, educator, and innovator who has been marrying human performance with machines for decades. Listen as Jonathan Wyner and David talk about the rise of MIDI and other significant developments in music technology.

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The iZotope Education Team: Jonathan Wyner, Caitlin Fischer, Pippin Bongiovanni, Griffin Brown, Brian Moyer

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David Barber

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