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Download Free Post Production Suite 5 Preset Packs

by iZotope Education Team September 2, 2020

30+ tools to repair, mix, & analyze audio:

RX Post Production Suite 5

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This article references a previous version of RX Post Production Suite. Learn about RX Post Production Suite 6 and its powerful features including improved Ambience MatchDialogue IsolateDe-hum, and more by clicking here.

Download RX Post Production Suite preset packs, including Nectar 3, Neutron 3 Advanced, Insight 2, and Tonal Balance Control 2.

Tonal Balance Control presets for post

Tonal Balance Control 2 Post Production Preset Pack

Ensure optimal translation on any playback system with the Tonal Balance Control 2 Post Production Preset Pack. Correct spectral imbalances and achieve consistent loudness for dialogue, music, and sound effects, and give appropriate space to each element in your session by referencing your work against Target Curves—spectral profiles that guide your mix towards fullness and balance—using Tonal Balance Control 2, new in RX Post Production Suite 5.

Nectar presets for post

Nectar 3 Post Production Preset Pack

Deliver polished, compelling dialogue and vocals with the Nectar 3 Post Production Preset Pack. Remove sibilance and mouth noise on dialogue recordings, adjust pitch and dynamics problems in sung vocals, and give your performance clarity and articulation with Nectar 3, new in RX Post Production Suite 5.

Neutron presets for post

Neutron 3 Post Production Preset Pack

Produce full, balanced mixes with audio of any kind using the Neutron 3 Post Production Preset Pack. Enhance sound effects, optimize your master bus for playback, and maintain healthy levels for dialogue and music with Neutron 3, the mixing powerhouse included in RX Post Production Suite 5.

Insight 2 presets for post

Insight 2 Post Production Preset Pack

Keep a watchful eye on gain and loudness levels with the Insight 2 Post Production Preset Pack. Maintain intelligible dialogue volume throughout your production, confirm that your production audio adheres to broadcast loudness requirements, and manage sound effects in your session with Insight 2, the intelligent metering tool in RX Post Production Suite 5.


RX Post Production Suite

RX Post Production Suite comes packed with industry-standard tools and plug-ins to help deliver pristine, professional audio. Repair and edit damaged audio, mix and edit vocals like never before, and get creative with world-class reverb tools. Take advantage of these presets and more with RX Post Production Suite.

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