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How to Learn Audio Mastering | Are You Listening? Season 2 Episode 6

by Pippin Bongiovanni, iZotope Content Team February 18, 2020

Explore the future of mastering:

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Learning how to be good at anything—let alone good at something creative—should be both challenging and joyful. Part of what makes audio fun is the challenge. If it was easy, do you think it would hold our interest as long as it does? Whether it’s playing an instrument, or learning how to be a good mastering engineer, it takes time to get good and it’s important to set your expectations accordingly.

Today, we’re going to explore the best methods to teach yourself audio mastering.

Below are more helpful resources: from critical listening practice to ear training tools, videos, helpful articles, and more.

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Pro Audio Essentials

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Pro Audio Essentials
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