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Our mission as the iZotope research team is to enable the durable technological competitiveness and scientific leadership of iZotope and its products based on the invention of novel signal processing technology. Read our latest research below. 

Research Highlights

Carve out unwanted noise

Analyzing a Unique Pingable Circuit: The Gamelan Resonator

This paper offers a study of the circuits developed by artist Paul DeMarinis for the touring version of his work Pygmy Gamelan.

Kurt James Werner and Ezra J. Teboul


Work in Daw or App

Zero-shot Singing Voice Conversion


In this paper, we propose the use of speaker embedding networks to perform zero-shot singing voice conversion, and suggest two architectures for its realization.

Shahan Nercessian

RX 8 music rebalance

Moog Ladder Filter Generalizations Based on State Variable Filters

In this paper, we propose a new style of continuous-time filter design composed of a cascade of 2nd-order state variable filters (SVFs) and a global feedback path.

Kurt James Werner and Russell McClellan

Carve out unwanted noise

Speech Dereverberation using Recurrent Neural Networks


In this paper, we show how a simple reformulation allows us to adapt blind source separation techniques to the problem of speech dereverberation and, accordingly, train a bidirectional recurrent neural network (BRNN) for this task. 

Shahan Nercessian and Alexey Lukin


Carve out unwanted noise

Energy-Preserving Time-Varying Schroeder Allpass Filters and Multichannel Extensions

We propose time-varying Schroeder allpass filters and Gerzon allpass reverberators that remain energy preserving irrespective of arbitrary variation of their allpass gains or feed- back matrices over time. 

Kurt James Werner, François G. Germain, and Cory S. Goldsmith

Carve out unwanted noise

Blind Arbitrary Reverb Matching



We propose a model architecture for performing reverb matching and provide subjective experimental results suggesting that the reverb matching model can perform as well as a human. 

Andy Sarroff and Roth Michaels  


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