Trash 2

Distort. Mangle. Transform.

Trash 2 UI

Trash 2 is a plug-in primed for a powerful new era of audio mangling, distortion, and experimentation. Let sonic mayhem ensue. For more specific product details, please visit the Trash page.

Press FAQ

What is the suggested retail price?

Is there upgrade pricing for Trash 2?
Upgrade pricing is available for existing Trash 1 customers. These customers can log into My Account to get their special upgrade coupons.

Where can it be purchased?
Trash 2 is sold direct from iZotope in the iZotope online Store. Trash 2 is also available at select retailers.

How can I get a copy of the full product to review?
Send an e-mail to to request an NFR (Not for Resale) authorization. You can also download a 10-day full-featured trial on our Downloads page.

What are the system requirements?
Please see the Trash Specs page.

What are the supported hosts and plug-in formats?
Please see the Trash Specs page.

What are the relevant iZotope trademarks?
iZotope®, the iZotope logo, and Trash are trademarks of iZotope, Inc.

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