iZotope RX: Bringing Sonic Perfection to e-instruments

Thomas Koritke, the founder of virtual instrument plug-in maker, e-instruments, shares why iZotope RX 6 is essential in repairing their hundreds of thousands of audio samples.

If you’ve ever used Native Instruments’ Komplete production suite, chances are that you’ve used e-instruments’ plug-ins. e-instruments, a virtual instrument plug-in company based in Hamburg, Germany, creates some of the world’s finest virtual instruments, which are even featured in Session Horns Pro and Session Strings Pro.

In this video, founder Thomas Koritke shares a behind-the-scenes story on the instrument creation process. As he explains in the video, when you’re sampling individual notes and articulations at different dynamics, recordings are extremely sensitive to any kind of noise. Add up to sixteen microphones when capturing samples for a single instrument, and there is a lot of meticulous editing in store (1.2 million editing steps, Koritke estimates).

That’s where RX is essential—getting used on every single one of the hundreds of thousands of samples that e-instruments creates.

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