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The Challenge

Media creators spend countless hours every day dealing with audio-related headaches: poorly recorded or noisy audio content, impossibly tight production deadlines, and frequent changes in broadcast standards. Creative professionals need tools that quickly and effectively solve problems at all stages of production.

The Answer

iZotope provides industry standard software solutions that save time, increase productivity, and ultimately deliver professional-sounding results. The critically acclaimed product line focuses on Audio Post Production, with tools that enhance audio for film, broadcast, video, and new media, and Music Production, with solutions for editing, mixing, and final delivery.

Why iZotope?

Driven by a passion for audio, iZotope has spent over 15 years developing innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. Born out of an MIT dorm room, the Cambridge, MA-based company has earned countless awards — including an Emmy® for outstanding engineering achievement  — and the respect of industry heavy hitters like Adobe, AVID, Sony, and Microsoft, who have all chosen iZotope technologies to license within their own products. 


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The world's top facilities rely on iZotope's industry standard audio production software. If you have questions about what tools might be right for your organization or are interested in purchasing multiple iZotope product licenses, email enterprise@izotope.com.

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A Proven Track Record in Audio Post Production 

iZotope has extensive experience working with facilities in the audio post space, including:


Broadcast and Audio Services

In media production environments where budgets are tight and timelines are even tighter, sound is often forced to take a backseat to picture. From flawed location sound to prohibitively expensive ADR to loudness requirements in final delivery, sound quality is too often compromised.  

iZotope products distinguish themselves by solving what seemed to be unsolvable audio challenges like these — and doing so in a way that’s proven to save both time and money.





Education is deeply rooted within iZotope culture and products. From YouTube training videos to free educational guides to our online Learning section, iZotope strives to educate the aspiring professional and audio hobbyist through a range of initiatives.

As our products are ubiquitous in post production and music facilities around the world, we’re excited to support students, teachers, and educational facilities in bringing iZotope products to their curriculums.


Case Studies

The Industry Standard for Audio Solutions

  • Use RX 7 Advanced to instantly repair your audio with the most advanced features in the industry today including De-rustle, De-wind, Dialogue Isolate, plus other time-saving tools and workflows. 
  • Deliver polished mixes in stereo and surround with Neutron Advanced, which includes zero-latency processing, an award-winning BS.1770 True Peak Limiter, dynamic EQ with sidechaining and automatic dialogue polishing.
  • Use RX Loudness Control to ensure your mixes meet the required delivery specifications with intelligent algorithms that eliminate guesswork.
  • Keep an eye (and an ear) on your mix with Insight 2. iZotope’s extensive set of audio analysis and metering tools is specifically for post production and broadcast.
  • Or get everything above in one comprehensive solution with RX Post Production Suite 3

A Winning Reputation

"Finding RX was like finding the holy grail. It did the things that we always fantasized about but could never actually do."

Bob Bronow
Re-recording mixer
Deadliest Catch

"What used to take us a couple hours is now taking us maybe twenty minutes."

Ray Beentjes
Dialogue editor
The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings

“Reality television delivers daily challenges in terms of the audio quality we receive from the field. However, these challenges have become dramatically easier to contend with by using the wide range of modules found in RX."

Mike Kent and Rory Martin
Post production audio editors at Shine Australia

"RX literally saved the sound of a movie."

Rob Nokes
Sound designer, supervising sound editor
X-Men: First Class, Snowpiercer

"iZotope’s software really helps my efficiency. For example, if I have to match ADR, or if I need to remove the sound of the room out and replace it with something else, I can do this with RX. These kinds of things would have taken hours to do a few years ago, and with this software, it takes just minutes."

Stephen Tibbo
Sound re-recording mixer
Modern Family

"I’ve been able to save a couple scenes that I didn’t think otherwise would be salvageable."

James Bolt
Supervising sound editor
Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean

"I can’t imagine doing my job without RX."

Cameron Frankley
Sound designer, supervising sound editor
The Lego Movie, Terminator Salvation

“The post production courses at SSR are set out to give students in-depth training for the post production industry, and the inclusion of iZotope RX within the SSR curriculum is deemed necessary for students to learn the complete post production process.”

Mark Apicella
Head of Post Production at the School of Sound Recording (SSR) in London


In 2013, iZotope was honored with an
Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for its flagship audio repair suite, RX.


RX has also been honored three times by
the Cinema Audio Society, with a
CAS Technical Achievement Award in
2016, 2015, and 2014.


RX Loudness Control was awarded
Best of Show at NAB 2015 by TV Technology
for audio post production and workflows.

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