November 1, 2018 by iZotope

What's New in Nectar 3 and Music Production Suite 4

Learn about the new vocal production tools included in Nectar 3, and some new members of the Music Production Suite plug-in family.

What's new in Nectar 3

From corrective to creative vocal production, all the way to final polish,  product-popover-icons-nectar.png Nectar 3  brings out your intended performance in isolation and in the context of the mix. Here's a bit about what's new in the latest generation of Nectar, and reasons to upgrade to Nectar 3.

Vocal Assistant

Vocal Assistant creates a custom preset for your vocal to get it sitting right in the mix, fast. Like an extra pair of trusted ears, Vocal Assistant listens to your audio and gets you started by auto-adjusting level inconsistencies, identifying resonant peaks, setting suggested compression parameters, removing pesky sibilance, creating space, ambience, and more. 

And Vocal Assistant isn't just for sung vocals. A Dialogue vibe is included to tailor spoken dialogue for podcasters, vloggers, or speech to be paired with visuals. Once you've arrived at an optimal starting point, you can add your own touch. Watch the video above for some before-and-afters. 


Nectar 3 adds the ability to address masking of any vocal with Vocal Assistant using the groundbreaking Unmask feature. Unmask directly communicates with the rest of your mix to place your vocal at the forefront by moving other mix elements out of the way. Through inter-plugin communication, Unmask will communicate with any instance of Nectar 3Neutron 3 Advanced, or iZotope Relay to create the perfect nest for your vocal. Watch the video above to see vocals from different sources unmasked.

Two 24-band Dynamic EQs

Nectar 3 includes two new 24-band Dynamic EQs form-fit to the unique needs of vocals. Transparent and clear, the Dynamic EQs serve both corrective and creative applications with adaptive nodes for frequency sculpting and pitch tracking. And the new Follow EQ mode allows direct, dynamic tracking of pitch, eliminating the need for manual editing of individual resonant frequencies and harmonics for active shaping of timbre and tone.

GRAMMY-winning Melodyne 5 essential

As an added benefit to Nectar 3’s built-in pitch correction module, iZotope has partnered with Celemony to include Melodyne 5 essential's GRAMMY-award winning pitch and time correction. Melodyne adds surgical, intuitive, and truly transparent pitch adjustment capabilities that are an industry standard in professional studios around the world.

New look and feel

Nectar 3 has a brand new look and feel, with twelve redesigned and updated modules for completely vocal-focused production and mixing. Each module was reinvented with a new user experience in mind that encourages you to reach out and touch your audio. And best of all, Nectar 3 is completely resizeable, giving you the option to sculpt and perfect your vocals from a canvas as large you like.


What's new in Music Production Suite 3

Get everything you need for music production with Music Production Suite 3, pairing new additions...

  • product-popover-icons-nectar.png Nectar 3
  • RX 7 Standard
  • product-popover-icons-vocalsynth.png VocalSynth 2
  • product-popover-icons-insight.png Insight 2

...with industry-standard favorites:

  • Neutron 3 Advanced
  • product-popover-icons-ozone.png Ozone 11 Advanced
  • product-popover-icons-tonal-balance-control.png Tonal Balance Control 2
  • product-popover-icons-exponential-audio.png R4  and  product-popover-icons-exponential-audio.png NIMBUS  Exponential Audio reverbs
  • and more!

Music Production Suite 3 gives you everything you need for music production, with over thirty industry standard plug-ins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools. Here’s what’s new.

Nectar 3

Learn about Vocal Assistant, Unmask, Dynamic EQ, and more above!

VocalSynth 2

The perfect compliment to Nectar 3,  product-popover-icons-vocalsynth.png VocalSynth 2  is an immersive vocal experience that features a treasure trove of past, present, and future vocal sounds like Vocoder, Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox, and Biovox—a brand new effect based on the dynamic sonic qualities of the human vocal tract.

Further enhance your production with seven stompbox-style studio effects. And with the ability to play in Auto, MIDI, or Sidechain mode, you control every aspect of your sound.

RX 7 Standard

You’ve probably never heard RX on your favourite record, and that’s a good thing. Used on countless albums to restore troubled audio to pristine condition, RX 7 Standard is a complete toolkit for audio cleanup. Instantly tackle common audio problems with Repair Assistant, rebalance mix elements or isolate vocals in a song with Music Rebalance, and independently adjust pitch or time. RX 7 allows you to surgically fix your tracks and rescue the perfect take using the standalone audio editor or included plug-ins.

Insight 2

product-popover-icons-insight.png Insight 2  is a comprehensive metering and audio analysis plug-in that is a core component of award-winning studios around the world. It is perfect for visualizing changes made during mixing and mastering, troubleshooting problematic mixes, meeting the loudness standards of music streaming services, and more. Keep an eye as well as an ear on your mix at all times with Insight 2.