Neutron Advanced Release Notes

Version 1.01a released January 25, 2017

Improvements and Enhancements

CPU Optimizations

  • Up to 20% performance improvement when Masking Meter is enabled and Neutron’s user interface is closed
  • Up to 11% performance improvement when using Neutron’s EQ user interface

Gain Trace Meter

  • Addressed occasional rendering issues with the Gain Trace meter in the Compressor and Transient Shaper


  • Improved compatibility with Apple’s VoiceOver mode to increase accessibility for blind and low-vision users


  • Fixed issue where Neutron failed to recognize unicode characters in file paths, which caused features and presets to be inaccessible
  • Fixed issue related to the above where the Track Assistant would hang instead of classifying within 10 seconds
  • Fixed issue where Neutron saved settings incorrectly in FL Studio
  • Addressed occasional audio playback issue when using Track Assistant in FL Studio
  • Addressed occasional issue where the EQ curve and node icons would display incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where channel count label spacing was sometimes incorrect in certain 5.1, 7.0 and 7.1 formats
  • Addressed some niche installation errors on Windows 7 and 10
  • Updated Neutron Help Manual: now even more helpful! 
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
  • Plus: addressed some critical performance issues that will benefit users of Cakewalk’s SONAR

Version 1.00 released October 5, 2016

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