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Master Assistant

Effortlessly achieve the sound of chart-topping hits or your favorite reference file with Master Assistant’s new groundbreaking matching technology for tone, dynamics, and width. After Master Assistant analyzes your track and builds a custom signal chain, you can control the processing from the new Assistant View. With the new Master Assistant, you have a second set of (AI) ears that never get fatigued.

Master Assistant Features

  • Assistant View for customizing Master  Assistant's suggestions
  • Metering with Tonal Balance target curve, vectorscope, and scrolling waveform. 
  • Match the chart-topping hits of each genre target across tone, dynamics, and width
  • Match tonal balance, width, dynamics, and loudness of your favorite reference song files
  • Adaptive tone matching with Stabilizer module
  • Multiband microdynamics matching with Impact module
  • Multiband width matching with Imager module
  • Improved EQ settings
  • Improved integrated loudness measurement and matching with Maximizer
  • Intelligent Dynamic EQ ducking to reduce distortion from the Maximizer. 
  • Loudness and ceiling optimization for Streaming and DJ Player

Assistant View

  • New Assistant View interface, complete with a library of genre targets aggregated from the latest chart- topping hits
  • See and make high level adjustments using Tonal Balance metering, a Vectorscope, scrolling Gain Reduction Trace, Destination selection, and powerful high-level controls. 
  • New EQ and Stabilizer sliders to push your audio closer to your selected target or reference and personalize your results.
  • Width Match: match the ratio of mid to side information across four bands using the Imager. Control the amount of processing from 0-100% with this gauge. 
  • Dynamics Match performs a multiband dynamics match to the selected target with Impact gauge, compressing or expanding your audio. Dial in your loudness, output level, and visualize the gain reduction being applied to your audio with the Maximizer Gauge.
  • Optimize for streaming: This option is meant for audio that will be converted to a lossy codec and played back with loudness normalization, as is now typical with streaming services. 
  • Optimize for DJ Player: This option is meant for audio that will be played back as a lossless file that is not loudness normalized, as is typical with club and festival playback via DJ Players.

Reference Matching

  • Groundbreak matching technology: Master Assistant analyzes and identifies the genre of your song. It will then match your song's tone, width, and microdynamics, and loudness to that target
  • Reference track matching: Create your own custom target by uploading a reference file. Master Assistant will match your song to the tonal balance, width, dynamics, and loudness of the analyzed reference file. 
  • Target genres: Review and toggle between target options generated from the latest chart topping hits in each genre: Country, EDM, Folk, Hip-hop/Rap, Jazz, Pop, RnB/Soul, Reggae, and Rock. 
  • Cinematic target: A new Cinematic target has been derived from the top movie scores to help guide film composers
  • Audiolens compatibility: All versions of Ozone 10 operate with Audiolens for each reference collection and matching.

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