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Why Spire?

It’s ready whenever you are

Don’t wait for studio time to record your song’s vocal tracks. Sing or rap over your beats on your iPhone to hear and see the magic of Spire.

You’ll sound better in seconds

Get crisp, clear vocals with intelligent audio assistance. Spire’s Soundcheck automatically detects your voice or instrument, sets your levels, and sculpts your tone so your tracks are ready to produce with.

Collaborate and share with anyone

Send vocals to your producer to finish a song, text projects to co-writers to add tracks, and share mixdowns. You can even post finished songs directly to social media.

Recording with Spire

Here’s how Spire turns your iPhone into a mobile vocal recording studio:

Import a beat and write lyrics

Get started by importing your beat. Easily write and develop your lyrics within a project and have them front-and-center while you record.

Automatically set your levels and tone

Spire's Soundcheck feature will identify your voice or an instrument, set your levels, and sculpt your tone. It ensures vocals sound clear and stand out in the mix with automatically added compression, saturation, and EQ with tech from iZotope Nectar’s Vocal Assistant.

Layer vocals and mix your tracks

Building a song with Spire is fast and intuitive. Easily capture lead vocals, overdubs, ad-libs, and more by just hitting record. You can edit out unwanted parts from any track with the trim tool. To mix, just drag track icons up or down to adjust volume and left or right to pan.

Collaborate with artists and producers

Text or email a Spire project to anyone from the Spire app and they can preview your song, export mixdowns, download individual tracks to edit in a DAW, or open in Spire to add tracks of their own.

Share with your fans

If you’ve finished a song in Spire that you’re ready to show the world, you can publish it to SoundCloud, Instagram, and more directly from the app. Add artwork or a video to your project to make it your own before posting for your fans.

The easiest way to record great-sounding vocals is with Spire on your iPhone.

Mobile Device Requirements

The Spire app for iOS and Spire Studio are compatible with 64-bit iOS devices running iOS 13 or higher, including those listed below and any newer iPad/iPhone models.

  • iPhone 6S and newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 5th generation and newer
  • iPad mini 4 and newer
  • iPad Air 2 and newer

The Spire app does not have a standalone version for Android devices. The Spire Studio Controller app for Android requires pairing with Spire Studio hardware.

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