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Ozone 9 Master Assistant

Master Assistant analyzes the sonic profile of your audio and suggests a logical starting point for your signal chain, processor settings, and loudness. Control the intensity of your master with low, medium, or aggressive settings, and optimize dynamics specifically for streaming services or CD. Automatically set dynamics and attenuate harsh frequencies in seconds, simply by playing back a section of your track.


Master Assistant features:

  • Intelligent processing that provides a starting place for your master in the Equalizer, Maximizer, Dynamics, and Dynamic EQ.
  • *NEW* Vintage Mode can use the included Vintage modules (now available in Ozone 9 Standard) to give you a classic, analog-style mastering chain.

  • Select any audio file loaded in the new Track Referencing feature as a Target for analysis and apply the learned EQ curve and loudness level to your audio.

  • Automatically configure optimal loudness for streaming or CD delivery.

  • Select between low, medium, or high intensity settings.
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