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Nectar 3 Saturation

Add subtle warmth and intense distortion to your vocal track with the Saturation module. The Saturation module features seven different saturation modes for adding unique flavor to any vocal, no matter the genre. Mix in subtle overdriven harmonics to make your vocal stand out in a pop mix, or drown it out with heavy fuzz distortion for your doom metal mix. A new colorful, dancing spectrogram informs you exactly how much punishment you’re inflicting upon your vocal, and where the harmonic distortion is occuring.

  • Choose from seven different saturation modes: Analog, Retro, Tape, Tube, Warm, Decimate, and Distort. There’s a distortion model for every type of vocal, from classic vintage to modern polish.

  • Reduce undesirable high frequencies with an overlayed post filter, and blend in a dry signal with the paralel mix slider.

  • Simple one-knob control lets you add more or less distortion. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
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