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Mix & Master Bundle

The ultimate mixing and mastering toolset

Included Products

$ 697

Total if purchased separately

Total savings: $548

  1. Ozone 9 Standard
    $ 249 MSRP
  2. Neutron 3 Standard
    $ 249 MSRP
  1. Tonal Balance Control 2
    $ 199 MSRP
$ 697

Total if purchased separately

Total savings: $548

Seamless plug-in integration

Neutron 3, Ozone 9, and Tonal Balance Control 2 use iZotope’s inter-plugin communication to connect your tracks to one another for a more intuitive and cohesive workflow.

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Intelligent technology for faster mix delivery

Overcome your listening environment with Tonal Balance Control 2 to create a consistent sound in any space. Then, use Neutron 3 to mix and balance your tracks and Ozone 9 to put the finishing touches on your work. Once you try these futuristic tools, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them.

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What people are saying about products in the Mix & Master Bundle

“Transient design, compression, EQ, and harmonic distortion, all wrapped up in one ridiculous sounding package. iZotope, you have done it again.”

Darrell Thorp

Mix engineer
M83, Radiohead, Beck

“Ozone has changed how we release music forever.”

Noah "40" Shebib

Drake, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys

“Neutron is that rare, supportive, and reliable friend that encourages you to dive deep, explore new boundaries, and will ultimately bring out the best in you.”

Michael Kamerman


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