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Reverbs for Music Production

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Natural and character reverbs in stereo

Whether you’re mixing pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic, or orchestral music, bring extraordinary dimension to your productions with Exponential Audio reverbs.

Why Exponential Audio?

High-quality algorithmic reverb engines

Plug-in designs that are equally music- and technology-focused

Presets for any production, any genre

Hundreds of categorized and searchable presets

Creative controls designed for music

Reverb effects for compression, overdrive, modulation, and more

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Creative multi-effects for music production

Excalibur offers autopanners, guitar cabinets, flangers, chorused reverbs, bit crushers, telephone futzes, vintage echo effects, and more.

Stereo Reverb Bundle

Packed with our most advanced stereo reverbs and multi-effects, make sure you’re ready for your next mix with Stereo Reverb Bundle.

Includes PhoenixVerb, NIMBUS, R4, Excalibur

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