Exponential Audio: Frequently Asked Questions


What did iZotope acquire?

iZotope acquired the assets of Exponential Audio, including all Exponential Audio products. In addition, Michael Carnes, founder of Exponential Audio became an iZotope employee, and will be working on developing new products with iZotope in the future. 


How do I activate my Exponential Audio products?

Please see this Knowledge Base article for instructions on installing and activating your Exponential Audio software.


Do I need a physical iLok to use my Exponential Audio software?

Exponential Audio products do require iLok License Manager for activation, but they do NOT require an iLok USB key. EA products can be authorized via iLok License Manager to iLok USB keys v2 or later, or directly to your computer's hard drive.


How do I log in to my account if I’m new to iZotope from Exponential Audio?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to transition from Exponential Audio to iZotope. Simply use this link to create a new password for the email address you used for your Exponential Audio purchases. Once this is done, you can use this email address and password to access your Exponential Audio products via iZotope.com — that’s it!


Will my Exponential products show up in my iZotope account or product portal?

If your iZotope account email is the same as your Exponential Audio account email your products will automatically appear in your account at iZotope.com.

If your iZotope account email is different than your Exponential Audio account email follow the link above and your products will be added to a new iZotope account. Once done you can request an account merge to bring all of your products together under one email address. Contact our support team to request a merge.


Will any of my Exponential products be discontinued?

With the exception of M7 Control, all Exponential Audio software products will be available at iZotope.com and through our resellers.


Will I continue getting tech support? For how long?

Exponential Audio products will be subject to iZotope’s product support policy. This is available for public review here.


Is the M7 Control plug-in still available for purchase?

The M7 Control plug-in was discontinued in early March 2019. iZotope will continue to offer support throughout 2019, but there will be no further developments, bug fixes, or releases for this product.


Where can I send feature requests?

Feature requests should be submitted to iZotope Customer Care by clicking here.