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RX 10 Standard Release Notes

Version 10.1.0 released October 12, 2022

Improvements & Updates

  • Improved De-clip analysis in Repair Assistant.
  • Module chain settings generated by Repair Assistant will update when values in the assistant are changed and 'Open as Module Chain' is clicked again.
  • Added localized tooltips in Japanese and Mandarin.
  • Updated Japanese help documentation.
  • Disabled the word lane toggle button when Composite View is active because it has no function in Composite View.
  • Improved visibility of keyboard focus frames in RX 10 plug-ins.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed failure to run transcription on copy/pasted audio unless active tab was toggled.
  • Fixed incorrectly disabled word lane toggle button after recording more than 10 seconds of audio in the RX app.
  • Fixed rectangular selections not rendering to 0 Hz when Frequency Feathering was set to 0.
  • Fixed incorrect setup help link in the RX 10 Connect plug-in.
  • Fixed issue on Apple silicon machines that required the word Search be highlighted or manually deleted from the text navigation search box before inputting text.
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