Getting smoother dialogue with the Leveler in RX 5 Advanced

The Leveler in RX 5 Advanced allows you to smooth out dialogue levels more effectively than ever before. With all new processing under the hood, the Leveler achieves this without boosting esses, breathes, or the sound of ambience and room tone between words and phrases. Quick and effective processing slashes hours of manual work down to a matter of minutes.

Intuitive performance

Leveler is a non-destructive tool that utilizes Clip Gain. In order to view Clip Gain within RX, right-click anywhere on the spectrogram and choose “View Clip Gain.” The Clip Gain line will appear, allowing you to perform manual Clip Gain edits by clicking on the line and adding nodes. One of the benefits of the Leveler is that it will do this process for you automatically and quickly over an entire audio track in one process.

New features for faster processing

In order to get the best results from leveling your dialogue or vocal, we’ve added new functionality to the Leveler with the new Ess reduction and Breath control sliders. With these additions, the Leveler is able to target dialogue more efficiently and draw non-destructive Clip Gain that achieves the target RMS.

We also have two different modes introduced in the Leveler, one optimized for dialogue and the other for music. The two modes adjust how the Leveler analyzes the signal-to-noise ratio to provide the most natural-sounding result for either scenario.

Additionally, for RX 5 Advanced we’ve added a True Peak Limiter function to the Leveler. This prevents the Leveler from ever drawing clip gain that will cause the signal to clip. What that offers is a very smooth dialogue level without any risk of clipping, regardless of the input level.

Multi-host compatibility

Leveler functions within the RX Advanced standalone application or you can access it through RX Advanced from your audio of video editing software. Different hosts will handle RX in different ways, some through using RX Advanced as a plug-in and by way of accessing RX through RX Connect. Be sure to consult the RX Help Guide for the proper steps needed within your preferred software.

With the Leveler in RX 5 Advanced, the outcome is intelligible and natural-sounding dialogue.

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