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Collaborating Globally with Spire Studio

by Charley Ruddell, iZotope Contributor November 22, 2019

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A musician’s busy and unstable schedule often makes carving out time for studio sessions and face-to-face collaborations extremely difficult, so many musicians rely on sending quick sessions back and forth while on the road. Being able to simply record and share music on the go is a major convenience when you're trying to collaborate from across the globe.

There is no better tool for on-the-go recording than Spire Studio. It’s small, compact, and is complete with two XLR/quarter-inch inputs that allow artists to record anywhere. Mixing and exporting in Spire is a breeze, so you can pass along projects to your collaborators all over the world with just a few clicks. 

Using an original Spire Studio project, we’ll walk you through the process of sharing and building upon your song with collaborators with the help of musicians located in different parts of the world. 

Note: While each party having their own Spire Studio allows for more creativity, for this process your collaborators will only need to download the Spire app; from there they can record audio using their device’s microphone.

Robert Cray

Export your project

When you’ve completed recording and mixing your basic project, hit the export button in the top right corner of the screen. Then, click Spire project from your sharing options at the bottom of your screen. Select Share via link and Spire creates a link that you can send to anyone in the world, via text message, email, or any other text services on your device.

Select "Spire project" from your sharing options.

When you create this share link, the project is temporarily uploaded to the cloud, allowing you to easily transfer it to collaborators or other devices. When the your songwriting partner opens the link, they’ll have the option to download the complete Spire project right into the Spire app on their mobile device, and they can even preview the mixdown in their web browser.

For reference, here is the track we’ll be collaborating on and what it sounds like after collaboration.

Rough mix

After Collaboration

Collaborator import

The next phase is having your collaborators import your Spire project file into their Spire app. 

When your collaborators open the link you shared, they can simply tap Open Project in Spire to download the project directly into the app (or prompt them to download the app if needed). 

Record your parts

Now, once your collaborator has uploaded the project file into Spire, they can begin to record their parts using either the Spire Studio or their device’s microphone. Simply press record and play.

Pro Tip: Remember to turn on the project’s metronome before recording so you can have an extra bar to prepare. The metronome can be turned on in the Tempo tab on your recording screen. 

For our reference track, we have featured performances from three musicians located all over. Our first collaborator is Patrick Carr, a pianist and songwriter who performs under the moniker June Bloom. Pat added a piano track to our project from his home in Boston.

Pat Carr

Our second collaborator is singer/songwriter Justin Nash Fisher, who added a slide guitar part while in Canada during a North American tour.

Justin Nash Fisher

Our third collaborator is singer/songwriter Aubrey Haddard, who added a vocal double of Justin’s guitar part. Aubrey recorded her part during some downtime at a studio session in Los Angeles. You can also watch Aubrey demo a new song in Spire Studio at the iZotope recording studio.

Final Collaboration, Aubrey Haddard

Export and send along

Once your collaborators have added their parts, they will need to export the project. Hit the Export button in the top right corner of the screen. Then, click the Spire project button in the bottom left corner. Select Share via link and we’ll create a new link for the project with their additions. This makes it easy to pass the project along from one collaborator to the next and the resulting link will have the final project, ready for you to make any final mix adjustments before sharing with the world.


The process of collaborating with Spire Studio only takes a few minutes—export your project and have your collaborators upload, record, and export back. It’s a quick and effective way of creating music with musicians wherever they might be in the world.

Learn more about recording and mixing different genres with Spire:

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