Differences between Ozone and Alloy

Alloy is an efficient, zero-latency plug-in that streamlines the mixing process and provides many unique features designed specifically for mixing, in addition to over 250 useful presets designed for mixing.

While Ozone is designed to be a dedicated mastering tool, Alloy is ideal for mixing individual tracks.

Here are a few key features of Alloy that will greatly benefit Ozone users:

*Zero Latency mode, perfect for hearing sonic improvements in live tracking situations.
*Efficient CPU usage, making it possible to place Alloy on multiple tracks and buses with ease.
*Vintage-style compression, which mimics the punchy character of classic analog compressors.
*Powerful Transient Shaper, for easy and creative shaping of percussive sounds.
*More expressive Exciter, with a broader range of subtlety and grit for enhancing your mix.
*Versatile sidechaining and crosschaining capabilities, for completely creative Dynamics possibilities.
*Familiar workflow, ensuring a seamless transition between mixing and mastering.

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