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A suite of professional audio production tools to help you deliver the highest quality sound to your clients. Over $2000 worth of iZotope audio products for $29.99/month!

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Your Assistants are getting smarter! Make smarter, faster mixing and mastering choices with brand-new features in Ozone Pro's Master Assistant and Nectar Pro's Vocal Assistant. Exclusive to subscribers.

The latest updates

The “Pro” products in Music Production Suite Pro are always up to date. You'll get all updates, features, and add-ons for free as long as you subscribe—no more paying for upgrades!

Master for delivery

Keep your sound on track and on target with intelligent, AI-powered workflows that listen to your audio to help you make the best decisions in your mix.

Mix smarter and faster

Over 30 plug-ins assist you in every step of the mix, with AI-powered tools that streamline audio repair, polishing instruments and vocals, and even mastering your tracks.

Included Products

Neutron Pro

Enjoy eight modular mixing tools in one mothership plug-in and unlock all the potential in your next mix. Contains Neutron Pro & component plug-ins

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Ozone Pro

Bring balance to your masters with lightning-fast workflows powered by machine learning. Includes Ozone Pro & component plug-ins.

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Nectar 3 product UI

RX Pro for Music

The industry-standard audio repair tool used to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Includes RX Pro plug-ins & RX Pro stand-alone app.

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Nectar 3 product UI

Nectar Pro plug-in

Get your vocals to sit in the mix with the most sophisticated set of tools for vocal production.

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melodyne 5 Essential

Melodyne 5 essential

Bring out the best in your vocals with Melodyne—the GRAMMY®-winning pitch and time correction tool.

iZotope Relay

iZotope Relay

Enable tracks containing Neutron or Nectar to interact for automatic mixing, unmasking, and more.

Visual Mixer

Visual Mixer

Virtually move your tracks around and experience the easiest way to visualize your entire mix.


Neoverb Pro

Neoverb Pro

The most intelligent reverb plug-in, powered by legendary Exponential Audio technology.

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Tonal Balance Control Pro

Tonal Balance Control Pro

Finalize and fine-tune your master using target curves for different genres.

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VocalSynth Pro UI

VocalSynth Pro

VocalSynth is your vocal effects playground and your one-stop-shop for past, present, and future vocal sounds.

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Insight Pro

Comprehensive metering and audio analysis used in award-winning music studios.

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The “Pro” label indicates the subscription version of an iZotope product. “Pro” products will be receiving additional features and updates over time, which will be available to you as long as you subscribe.

Plug-ins that listen to your audio...

and to each other

Music Production Suite Pro is the only audio plug-in subscription that uses AI-powered processing to give you a customized starting point for every step of the mix, from assigning reverb to adding the final mastering polish. With inter-plugin communication, your iZotope plug-ins listen to each other to detect masking between your tracks and vocals, help suggest level balance settings, and even let you mix your tracks in a visual space.

What's Inside

EQ for every occasion

Neutron’s surgical EQ helps you sculpt your tracks and remove masking. Nectar’s EQ tracks the harmonics of your vocal to let you create unique tones. Ozone’s EQ can work in Mid/Side for even more surgical flexibility.

Music Production Suite Pro EQs
Music Production Suite Pro EQs

Modern and vintage dynamics

Compress instruments in multiple bands with the four selectable modes in Nectar’s Compressor and in mid/side with Ozone’s Dynamics plug-in. Add classic punch and energy to vocals with Nectar Compressor’s four selectable modes.

Professional mastering tools

Keep your mixes competitive with Ozone’s Maximizer and Vintage Limiter, letting you quickly add loudness without sacrificing dynamics.

Music Production Suite Pro EQs
Music Production Suite Pro EQs

Innovative and modern DSP

Fix impossible mix problems with specialized tools like Spectral Shaper and Low-End Focus. Use target-based processing to easily add impact and clarity to your instruments with Neutron Sculptor.

Repair the perfect take

Save your takes from common audio issues like noise, clicks, and other artifacts with 10+ RX plug-ins for audio repair.

Music Production Suite Pro EQs
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Groove3 membership included

Become a yearly subscriber to Music Production Suite Pro, and you'll also gain access to Groove3's extensive library of in-depth video tutorials. Explore multi-part walkthroughs of every iZotope product, as well as courses on mixing, mastering, production, and beyond. 

*Groove3 1-year All Access Pass included with yearly Music Production Suite Pro membership only

Custom presets and samples

Subscribe and gain access to custom presets and royalty-free samples to help you speed up your workflow, stay inspired, and get the sound you want every time.

Learn the tools of the trade

More than a plug-in suite, Music Production Suite Pro is a resource to help your career in audio. Learn the tools with in-depth video tutorials, and sharpen your skills with downloadable presets and exclusive live learning content from iZotope experts. Access your own, personal hub of subscriber-only products, feature updates, videos, articles, production guides, and more. 

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