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In addition to our free Educational Guides, we also love giving out free presets, free expansion packs, and free sound libraries. Keep checking this space in the future for more free goodies!

Stutter Edit

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    Free Add-On for Stutter Edit: Expansion 1 Presets

    Expansion 1 breathes fresh life into your Stutter Edit possibilities with 11 new preset banks containing over 250 new gestures. Introducing new preset bank categories like Glitch and Instruments, Expansion 1 comes fully loaded with gestures that can cut up your glitch tracks or re-invent your guitars, vocals, and synths. Expansion 1 also extends existing categories like Time Warp and Space and Delay, adding swirling delays and serrated time-based effects to mangle up your mix or texture your tracks.


    Hear gestures from Expansion 1 by checking out the audio player below. We'll play a short snippet of our track without effects, then let you hear several variations of Expansion 1 gestures in each category.

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    Free Add-On for Stutter Edit: Expansion 2 Presets

    Add even more fuel to your creative fire with Stutter Edit Expansion 2. Introducing 6 all-new bank categories like Breakbeatz, Funky Breaks, Switch-ups, Movements, Voice, and Dronefest, Expansion 2 takes you from the 70s through the 90s and up to the present day. Choose from over 120 new presets to trigger chopped-up edgy vocals, funky disco-style breaks, sweeping rhythmic filters and more.

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